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Alone: Forever My Sister’s Keeper I’m a Baltimore native and the baby of four; I had two sisters and one brother, who was the oldest. My brother left home to try to find a job to help at home. My older sister had a job working at a nightclub when she fell in love with the owner, Russell. Russell was a man of power and money. There was nothing he wanted that he didn’t have. He lived in McLean, Virginia, one of the riches areas of Virginia. He had a club called ‘Nite Time,’ and everyone of stature partied there. There was something about this man that Tamora just couldn’t resist. He was married with a family that he would do anything to protect. He dated my sister and kept promising her that he was going to leave his family, knowing all the time it was a lie. One day my mother got a call that my sister had overdosed, and it broke her heart. I made a promise that day that, no matter what, I would make Russell pay for this. I knew he was behind her death. I just couldn’t prove it. I formed my team of ladies to take him down by any means necessary. His downfall would be pretty women, and I had a stable full of them just for him. Author K.L. Davis has done it again with a story that will keep you wanting to know what’s next.
Posted on: Tue, 04 Mar 2014 12:12:14 +0000

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