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Alright, I Get It. Took a break from packing and went to do one of things Ive always wanted to do. When I first arrived in LA last September, I visited Hollywood Boulevard and wondered, What is this? People are taking pictures of signs, people in costumes, and signatures and handprints in concrete? I dont get it. This morning I visited a place about six blocks south of that maelstrom: Wild Card Boxing Gym, where world champions Miguel Cotto, Amir Khan, and some guy named Manny train. I walked into the tiny strip mall, up the backdoor entrance, and into a 2nd-floor space smaller than many Starbucks Ive been to. Low ceilings, heavy bags, a full-sized boxing ring, pictures of boxers plastered all over the walls, and the smell of sweat greeted me. My eyes lit up at the thought of Pacquiao and others skipping rope right here... ...and at the counter was Freddie Roach, talking to a gym member. I froze -- hes a lot shorter than I realized. I thought about asking for a picture with him, but theres a giant sign at the door that says No Photography, and plus, I wouldnt feel good about someone coming to my job and knocking the broom out of my hand, so... I get it. Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Disneyland...I finally get it.
Posted on: Tue, 17 Jun 2014 18:38:34 +0000

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