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#Ambitious Mumbai – #Building #castles in the air? “Castles in the air” might sound too futuristic for some, but it’s actually what we all want to see sooner or later. In Mumbai these illusions of penthouses floating on the sea would be the perfect medium for the rich. The question at the “Skyline” session was if these super high-rises are the right way up for Mumbai? Architect Rahul Mehrotra, lawyer Gautam Patel, builder Abhisheck Lodha and artist Jitish Kallat sat down and constructed arguments raging form government regulations to civic participation. Mumbai has lost all the hope it had in the last years because of what Rahul Mehrotra calls “impatient capital”, so everything had to be well planned. The Debate gathered steam when Abhisheck Lodha explained that Mumbai is an entrepreneurial, business, growth oriented city and that the answer lies not in building less, but building more for more people to live well. According to Gautam Patel, the topic then had to be viewed from another perspective. Constructions of such dimensions would divide the city in two, pulling apart the social environment of the city, thus destroying the idea of a powerful and beautiful life in Mumbai. Although Abhisheck Lodha, another important realty representative agreed with Patel and with [...]
Posted on: Sat, 22 Jun 2013 07:02:51 +0000

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