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America once was a nation to where anyone could own and carry a firearm at any time. The old West saw Colt six shooters strapped on a belt, a Winchester lever action rifle in the saddle, cart or buggy, and even women carried small caliper Daringers up their garter. Most carried for protection against wild animals, snakes, hostile Indians and the occasional rustler. Crime in the old West was rare, and only portrayed as high in the TV and movies for action. Many folks back East didnt carry so visibly, but were pretty much only a reach into a coat or desk drawer away from pulling out a .38 snub nose. The Thompson .45 machine gun, mostly used by police and gangsters, set fear into the citizens eyes when one was carried, eventually causing them to be outlawed and found only later in the military. But as times changed, crime lessened, and the public softened, more laws stiffened the ownership and carrying of guns. Today with Sandy Hook, Columbine, Ft Hood, and gang shootings, the Liberal public wants to see guns totally outlawed, confiscated, and destroyed... the same which has been done in England, Germany, France, Canada, Mexico, Japan, and the Land down Under. Crime has not gone down in these countries, but up, as guns still find their way into the criminal or terrorist hand, and the citizenry is helpless to defend themselves, only to call the police, to which by the time they arrive, the crime is over... someone is dead. Stats shows that the Liberal ideology of guns is incorrect. Its guns that arent killing, its the one holding it. A big knife can be just as deadly in the wrong hand... should knives, therefor, be also outlawed? Australia has a terrorist issue ongoing at this time, the terrorist armed, and the hostages helpless, and we usually know how this will turn out in the end. Terrorists are motivated with an agenda, and their death means little... someone innocent will be killed. The reason why America has never been invaded is because Behind every tree is a gun so said Admiral Yamamoto to the Japanese emperor when he wanted to invade the West coast. Americas freedoms and liberty have been guarded and protected by the 2nd Amendment, but the United Nations wants to override our rights and pass a bill outlawing small arms world wide. Many of our representatives in Congress, as our fearless leader, are desperately trying to get it passed and the 2nd amendment removed. If this should happen, then only criminals and our government will have guns, and I, for one, trust neither... do you? Reagan said, Tyranny is only one bad law away and America cannot afford to let this one right be removed, for Americas death will certainly be close behind. https://youtube/watch?v=tnoa6pgT71c
Posted on: Mon, 15 Dec 2014 16:17:03 +0000

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