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An Igbo man mistakenly sent 2million Naira to a wrong phone number via Mobile Money. He realized that before the person wud withdraw the whole money, he had to think of what to do if he was to get his money back. To the persons phone number, he immediately sent a text: Hello Dark and Worthy Initiate, I hope you are okay. I believe you’ve received the money I sent you for the initiation ceremony into Eternal Mystical Order Of Glorious Satanism in the Ogboni Fraternity scheduled to happen at 12midnight tomorrow. That money is only for transport. I will send you more for pocket money and there are riches awaiting you. 2 weeks after the initiation, the family member closest to you will die under mysterious circumstances and this death will unlock your ticket to wealth, ability to fly at night and change into all kinds of animals to deliver your various assignments. Remember to carry a syringe and needle meant to draw your blood every 20 minutes. Please don’t be late because the Viceroy of Satan himself will be present to officiate the ceremony. Thanks in advance. But incase you are not ready to join, please send back the money otherwise you will die in the next 24hrs.3 Minutes later, he got a Mobile Money message: You have received 2million Naira for your mobile money account.
Posted on: Thu, 21 Nov 2013 11:08:40 +0000

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