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Analysts keep saying that LeBron could go back to Cleveland but 1st he and Dan Gilbert would have to apologize to each other. LeBron for The Decision and Dan Gilbert for The Letter (letter in which he wrote and publicized disrespecting LeBron for leaving Cleveland). Why should LeBron apologize about The Decision? Several years ago he made it public on ESPN Sportscenter that he was taking his talents to South Beach. He did not disrespect ANYONE in Cleveland or anywhere. He just wanted to play for a franchise that has won titles and were closer to contention as opposed to Cleveland. Fans of the Cavs were expected to be upset...thats why they are called Fanatics. HOWEVER Dan Gilbert added fuel to the fire by making the anti LeBron shirts, talking bad about him during interviews, and of course The Letter. LeBron is from Ohio and a lot of NBA executives are saying in the right situation It could be possible for him to return home to Cleveland. HOWEVER that right situation is maybe Dan Gilbert out in Cleveland. I doubt that will happen so LeBron will be in Miami. And now for Melo...analysts are saying that he is an isolation player meaning that teammates give him the ball and GTFO THE WAY. Analysts also say that he will not fit into Phil Zen Master Jacksons triangle style offense. I agree that he is an offensive minded player. But him not fitting into the triangle offense is BULLSHYT. Melo led the league in scoring, is a foment scoring champion and if not 1st in 2nd..EVERY YEAR. With that being said HOW MANY YEARS HAS THE GREATEST PLAYER EVER IN MICHAEL JORDAN LEAD THE LEAGUE IN SCORING WORKING THE TRIANGLE OFFENSE? All Melo needs is a supporting cast. There is a difference between being a scorer and being forced to score because of lack of offense. So again all Melo needs is a supporting cast. Ala a Scottie Pippen, a BJ Armstrong, a Steve Kerr, a Dennis Rodman, a Ron Harper, etc.. I am and always have been a Knicks fan. I am biased in my opinion but I want Melo to stay in New York. I am not naive to the fact that this is is a business. I think Melo will stay in New York tho eventually. Because its about money and the Knicks can offer the max deal money. I dont see Melo with an aging great in Kobe and Gasol. Only threat I feel is Miami. As Im hearing that Bosh who is from Texas I might add, may be considering going to Houston because of the lack of offensive involvement. If that happens..Bosh to Houston, that opens the flood gates for Melo the join LeBron and Wade for a new big 3. STILL WONT BE A MAX DEAL FOR MELO THO..BUT HIS CHANCES OF WINNING A CHIP ARE GREATER. ****Stay in New York Melo**** #IJS #Myhumbleopinion
Posted on: Mon, 07 Jul 2014 13:55:47 +0000

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