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And now...A letter from our Artistic Director, Dan Caffrey (and yes...there are puppets involved). Dear Tympanic Supporter, Full disclosure: this is a fundraiser message. Wait, don’t go! Please! I know fundraising messages are sometimes boring to read, so I’ll make this as fun as possible. FUN!!! See how much fun we’re having? There will be puppets in this message! Seriously! This season has been special for Tympanic because, in addition to producing our normal year of plays (including an upcoming short-play festival inspired by Radiohead’s landmark album OK Computer!!!), we created art that can be enjoyed not only by our audiences in Chicago, but our supporters everywhere. Among these are a short film written by company member Ted Brengle called All The Pleasures Prove and an ongoing podcast series of short audio plays—complete with original scripts, sound, and music—called The Bull Crow Project. You can check both of these out on our website. With that in mind, the theme of this year’s fundraiser is “Weird In Spirit.” Since we’re bringing art to people not in Chicago, we’re seeking donations both in the Windy City and beyond. Our goal is to raise $2,500 by February 3. That’s just one week from today. The good news is, at the time of this writeup, we’ve already raised $940—38% of our goal. While that’s really good, we want to knock our desired number out of the park. Imagine if Andy Warhol had only painted 38% of the banana for that Velvet Underground album. That’s not a very big banana! If you want to check out the pledge drive, along with all our perks for donors, you can do so here: tympanictheatre.us2.list-manage2/track/click?u=e58c0e955c7fe069d06ae5ff4&id=940639f96e&e=2bc37be6a1 We even made a fun, scrappy, little lo-fi video that has puppets in it to support the campaign. Excuse the shaky camera work, and enjoy the puppets! tympanictheatre.us2.list-manage/track/click?u=e58c0e955c7fe069d06ae5ff4&id=7f5d7fe793&e=2bc37be6a1 That’s the long and short of it. As always, any donation big or small is of immense help. And even if you can’t donate at this time, your continued support means the world to us and keeps you “Weird In Spirit,” no matter where you live. Thanks for hearing me out, and with your help, we can paint the biggest banana imaginable! See you at the theater, Dan Caffrey Artistic Director Tympanic Theatre Company
Posted on: Tue, 27 Jan 2015 17:49:23 +0000

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