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Anniversary of 9/11 2001 O Lord, God of all nations and peoples, we come to you today seeking your love, compassion, and healing for our heavy hearts as we recall the violence, pain, suffering and loss of 9/11 where everyday people of many cultures, faiths and nations gathered to work for an honest living. In the ensuing violence many families of the victims and first responders were forever wounded as they lost loved ones in the attack on the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. We pray especially for those who survived the attacks and still carry with them the scars, both emotionally and physically, of this senseless attack. We pray, O mighty God, that all those innocent workers and first responders, who lost their lives on September 11, find comfort, peace and joy with you in your eternal home. Lord, we also send up our prayers on behalf of all of the still grieving families who lost loved ones on that fateful day, may they know that you walk with them and through your undying love and support, may they find hope, healing and the strength to move on with their lives. Finally, Lord, we beg you to send your spirit of wisdom upon our fragile world and its leadership, so that all peoples and nations may work together for a lasting peace where every man, woman and child may live in safety and harmony. In your compassionate love grant our humble prayer. Amen
Posted on: Thu, 11 Sep 2014 12:23:56 +0000

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