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"Anyone who commits nonviolent ‘political crimes’ should be entitled to be protected, and should certainly not be compelled to hole up in an airport transit lounge for weeks of anguishing suspense." (...) Despite the hue and cry associated with this rather indecent and extended effort to gain custody of Snowden, it is forgotten that his ‘criminal’ acts have already borne fruit: - Opening an overdue national debate in the United States as to the proper balance between surveillance and security; - Creating a global awareness of the extent to which the American surveillance regime has a global reach that threatens confidentiality of foreign governmental activity and the privacy of ordinary persons everywhere; - Encouraging relevant Congressional committees to consider placing limitations on invasions of privacy; -Tightening of the rules and policies relating to Department of Justice interference with journalists via acquisition of phone logs and emails."
Posted on: Tue, 23 Jul 2013 22:19:52 +0000

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