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Apparently people are walking through the streets of Paris, yelling death to the Jews. Several clashes involving the Jews have been taking place all over Europe, with the Europeans (and Muslims) incensed about the Jews despicable behavior over the last few weeks. Jewish businesses were assailed, Jews personally attacked. Many, but certainly far from all, Jews in Europe are undoubtedly co-repsonsible for the violence in Gaza. They are trolling the web as Hasbara agents or they are sending money or in other ways supporting the Zionists. Of course they are complaining and of course its all the Goyims fault, as always. Their refusal to be loyal to their host country, their refusal to integrate, and the Zionist maniacs they support, these things things have absolutely nothing to do with it. Ill be the first to admit that I wont be losing much sleep over this, but it is a fact that this can easily can get out of hand. The problem, it is so easily forgotten, is not the Jewish commoner, just hapless pigs like us all, nasty as their behavior may often be. The problem is who is programming them: their rabbis and particularly the Bankers. Many of these Bankers are Jewish, but its a fact that old Gentile Aristocracy and other elites are at the heart of the NWO. Many people are way too optimistic about getting the Jews out of Government and Finance. This would not solve really much. The Jews are the top dogs, but when the top dog rolls over, the next in line takes over. And there are many powermongers, hungry for more than they already have, ready to take over any vacuum. Sure, the Jews are undoubtedly the most ruthless. But Plutocracy is Plutocracy and the avarice involved with it burns away any soul. It is actually unbelievable that many Truthers think they can rely on Gentile elites, so happy to oppress them in cooperation with the Jews, to take over should we be able to get the Jews out of the equation. No, the Bankers are not at all worried about Jewish commoners (their lesser brethren), they proved long ago, when the Zionists were praying for more antisemitism and getting their hero Hitler to expel the Jews from their comfy ghettos and get their behinds to Palestine. Under Hitler the Jewish upper classes (the Bankers most certainly) had long made their escape before anything bad could happen and Hitler did not even bother to change the ownership of the Banks. The Jews continued their financial control of Germany. The Bankers, Jewish or Gentile, only care about their Banks and Transnationals and the Governmental control this gives them. They dont mind Zionists and Muslims killing each other in the streets of Europe, certainly not if that distracts, as it does, from the main thing: real economic reform, monetary reform first and foremost, aimed at the complete end of the enclosure of the Commons. But for the time being people are happy to call themselves free, while not even noticing 90% of their income is going to the Plutocracy, or directly controlled by them, via various means.
Posted on: Wed, 23 Jul 2014 18:25:22 +0000

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