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Are you ready to stop hanging out with the boys, ok maybe not completely, but lessen the number of times? You too, sister, can you do without your girls’ night out? Can you give up on some things that label you a bit irresponsible? Don’t get me wrong, not saying that hanging out is for the irresponsible, but the magnitude of it goes south when you have responsibilities, or at least, it ought to. If your answer to this whole thing is ‘NO’, then you are not ready to get married, don’t even try. Just stay single. See, marriage is not a prison cell, it is a place where you ‘choose’ to do for your wife and family above yourself, unlike when you were single where you looked out for 3 people, me, myself and I. In marriage, you will have the day, your wife needs you because she is having menstrual pain, yes, that might be the day you want to beat your boys at pool, or the day the big game comes on and none of them should be compromised for this pain that may go away in 20 minutes…ehhhh, wrong answer, that pain is bigger. You my sister, may have planned to hang out with the girls, same day your daughter has a sleepover and needs you to read them bedtime stories till they fall asleep. Well, it’s not a school night, which means, falling asleep will not happen till really late, too late to hang out anymore. It may look like nothing to you cause you feel there would be many more sleepovers, wrong answer. You see, marriage truly is not for the selfish, ok you might think it’s the reverse, the wife or daughter, being selfish. Let me put it differently then, marriage is only for the selfless…you have to be willing to ‘give-up’ on many things and take on the responsibility of being the man, woman, wife, husband, mother, and father. Please don’t tell me, you must accept me the way I am, don’t try to change me, yeah that works for certain things, but this here, you need to be willing to change, without anyone’s prompting, just what you signed up for....≈KDL®™©2014
Posted on: Tue, 15 Jul 2014 19:31:49 +0000

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