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As I sit here in mourning reading all the tributes to a friend saying to myself how blessed I was the day I met Vincent Ascolese and how much he changed my life by the way he brought me into his, He would take me all over the place there were days I would sit with him for hours & hours and talk with him while watching people coming in & out of his office asking him for his help from helping them with finding them a place to live, job or just for his advice. He would always do his best to get it done, he would get right on the phone and make calls. Even in my darkest hour I never broke his trust and believe me thats very hard to find in a friend but most of all at that bright early morning at end of July when you only hear the crickets & a garbage truck there was Coach Vinice Ascolese behind the high school 30 to 40 kids really to learn the game and that they did. And then when season was over on his own time Coach set up a weight room and after working all day he would go down to weight room and help train his players.. I would like to give my condolences to Vinnys wife Pat and the whole Ascolese family and thank them for their sacrifice of time so he could give us so much .. I Love Vinny Ascolese Stay Gold.. https://youtube/watch?v=K_HUFuQG5Tc
Posted on: Thu, 04 Dec 2014 13:02:48 +0000

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