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As Salaamun Alaikum Sisters and Brothers, The Women in the Seerah of Prophet Muhammad were also a part of the Plan of Allah. They were not just there for having children and house cleaning as many learned individuals would have us to believe. Our wives are not “Maids”…they are our “Mates”…they are not our “Property” they are our “Partners”. O Prophet, why do you prohibit [yourself from] what Allah has made lawful for you, seeking the approval of your wives? And Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. Allah has already ordained for you [Muslims] the dissolution of your oaths. And Allah is your protector, and He is the Knowing, the Wise. And [remember] when the Prophet confided to one of his wives a statement; and when she informed [another] of it and Allah showed it to him, he made known part of it and ignored a part. And when he informed her about it, she said, Who told you this? He said, I was informed by the Knowing, the Acquainted. If you two [wives] repent to Allah , [it is best], for your hearts have deviated. But if you cooperate against him - then indeed Allah is his protector, and Gabriel and the righteous of the believers and the angels, moreover, are [his] assistants. Perhaps his Lord, if he divorced you [all], would substitute for him wives better than you - submitting [to Allah ], believing, devoutly obedient, repentant, worshipping, and traveling - [ones] previously married and virgins. Who were the two wives? Why were they conspiring together? Who were they conspiring about? How did the honey play a part in this situation? What was the real issue between the wife of the Prophet Muhammad and Maria? TRUST ME….WHEN YOU WATCH THIS VIDEO YOU WILL BE AMAZED AT HOW WE ARE KEPT FROM INFORMATION PURPOSEFULLY BECAUSE OF WHAT ANOTHER LEARNED PERSON FEELS AND NOT WHAT IS THE TRUTH! It is a great story and it makes you love the Prophet Muhammad and his wives even more…because they were not perfect and they were human beings just like us! Allah is the Best Disposer of Affairs! MARIA al-Qibtiyya Part 5 Maria was honored and respected by the Prophet and his family and Companions. She spent three years of her life with the Prophet, until his death, and died five years later in 16 AH, (may Allah be pleased with her) For the last five years of her life, she remained a recluse and almost never went out except to visit the grave of the Prophet or her sons grave. After her death, Umar ibn al Khattab led the prayer over her and she was buried in al Baqi. https://youtube/watch?v=d3vEdAOxrws&
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