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As a philosopher of 21th century AD, I have discovered that which made us Nigerians not to focus on invention is the lack of knowledge about inventing due to the way we were been taught at school, even the professors lack this norms and insight to invent. It is difficult for them but to steal peoples ideology instead of discovering their own laws and new form of knowledge, they keep on copying from other peoples works, am not saying that copying is bad, but as a professor they need to discover looking on the previous discoveries, the past knowledge of the other professors. But in the case of Nigeria professors they do what we call copy and paste without changing any thing from the data of information which the got from the material of works of other peoples discoveries and knowledge. We need to eradicate this low mental power of knowledge, bring in a uniform way to collect a new fundamental systematic knowledge. But the worst is that our youths dont have the study culture, examination mal-practice has eaten them up, they are too lazy to study. Only 25% of students are serious with their studies. While we can get only 5% genius in Nigeria. The system of our education is every poor, we lack a lot of things, but they government aint doing any thing about it. They only focus on how to embezzle funds. Democracy: government by the people for the good of the people. Ethics: moral conduct of rightness and wrongness of an action. Religion is what bond us to the Supreme deity. We can be great if we can come as one nation, one people, to unite and develop our world.
Posted on: Tue, 25 Nov 2014 03:02:45 +0000

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