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As chair of the Social Justice Committee, and typically a person not at a loss for words, I would like to say something in this space thats inspirational, encouraging, uplifting and healing that would speak to the hearts of all those who attended our congregational meeting today. But, I dont feel that eloquent as I sit before this keyboard: No, I only feel pensive and greatly moved to find ways to make our church better and better with arms outstretched to embrace, not only congregants, but the larger community. The task is difficult, yes, but I know it can be done! I know we can help each other become the church that feeds us, by caring for each other and finding our spirituality inside ourselves and seeing it in others. Today brought many emotions and strong opinions and doubts. I felt them. I questioned some of them. And, now, I reflect and hold us all up in the hope that we will review our principles and be honest about how we practice those principles in all our affairs and in all our interactions with others. We have another congregational meeting in June. It is my hope that we will bring an abundance of love and trust to that meeting. *** Join us Friday for a smashing good time at Open Mic!! Doors open at 5:50. See you all there.
Posted on: Mon, 05 May 2014 05:27:53 +0000

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