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As many of you already know,This Friday after 12 years we are loosing one of our lunch time fixtures. Chrissie is moving on to a well deserved position at the court house. If you stop in tomorrow or Friday for lunch, make sure you wish her well for her new Job (because if not she might change her mind and stay to torture you). She started at Joes while in high school, and is now a parent herself, she has been one of the moodiest employees ever (LOL) but she sure kicked butt as a waitress.Nora and I have been very proud of her and her life,from HS to working 3 jobs at times, getting married, owning a home and having a child, yet she never had to call in sick or tired. She has always cared about our business as if it be hers LOL and she has ran Joes many times while my family was on vacation or emergencies. Chrissie has definitely has been a Pain to work for...... i mean with :) but she has also been a lot of fun, and our costumers loved her grumpy behavior, (for older generation: remember Alice? the waitress at Mels Diner? Yeap thats her LOL) Lucy (fer), we wish you the best of luck for your future, Oni,Nora, Salvatore, Pep, and all the employees at Joes
Posted on: Thu, 07 Aug 2014 01:17:19 +0000

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