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As you know, I am not a Republican. Didnt vote for any of them yesterday. Im an all-in Libertarian. But I believe my distance from the partisanship of both parties gives me a better view of the truth (or lack thereof) behind the some of the more vile PR tactics. Contrary to what the D machine wants you to believe, opposition to Obama is based (most often) on policy and not pigmentation. In my opinion, the GOP is not afraid of diversity and, in fact, the rank and file R voters often crave it as an answer to charges against them that they know in their own hearts are untrue. Its why theyre so quick to embrace and elevate a person of color who shares a good deal of their priorities. This is often mocked as an effort to find insulating tokens but thats increasingly disingenuous and time will eventually erode those charges, too. This is the lesson that many people need to learn from last nights results. A willingness to send a person of color to represent them, to be their leader, is prima facie evidence that tends to disprove presumptions. Simply put, the accusations are mere hypotheses. The election results are the science that disproves them. It wasnt racism that led R voters in South Carolina to send Tim Scott to the Senate. Rather, its racism (and literary ignorance) that is already labeling him as an Uncle Tom. That vile accusation has no place in todays America. Scott isnt a subservient to white people. He is a duly elected leader of them and everyone else he represents. And how about those racist folks out in Utah who have been part of the so-called R war on women? Well, they went and elected a black woman named Mia Love to Congress. Wherever there is proof of real racism -- and it does exist -- it needs to be addressed. Totally. But implying that racism is inherent in all opposition to policies of this president has to stop. Assigning racist motives to the election of minorities is even more ludicrous, defying both decency and logic. Opposition to statist, liberal policies didnt start with Obamas inauguration and they will continue with the next D president regardless of color or gender.
Posted on: Wed, 05 Nov 2014 18:30:25 +0000

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