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At my wifes request I will post why She will never ride with me on my motorcycle again. I had the battery go bad in my car. I had jumper cables, battery charger, extension cord etc. out to get it started and go get a new battery. When I returned I opened the garage to return all of those items. I thought that looks like a large blacksnake laying beside my motorcycle. I put everything down and moved around where I could see and sure enough it was a fairly large blacksnake. I went around to another door to get a hoe and as I approached the snake crawled partially up into the midst of the motorcycle. When I tried to pull it out it just crawled all the way up in it. I finally got enough nerve to start the cycle. Nothing happened. I finally gingerly pushed it back out of the garage. A friend came and we took off the seat and side panel, but still could not see it. I rode a small circle around the drive and it still did not show itself. So, I closed up the garage and left it sit out tonight. She wanted to know how I would know if it left or not. I told her I probably would not know. I would just assume that it crawled out and away. She does not think that is good enough for her and wants to know if I ride it and that crawls out what I would do? She has decided that if I die in a motorcycle crash that will be what happened, but I dont think that is very likely. Maybe jumping from a motorcycle before it crashes.
Posted on: Tue, 30 Sep 2014 02:28:29 +0000

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