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Attn Friends of Cat Lovers: My newest book from Random House was released yesterday. Publishers Weekly In this hilarious diet-book parody, Harris (For the Love of Cats), a former humor columnist for Cats & Kittens magazine, adapts human diets for “extra fluffy” cats. After “diagnosing” feline personality types—from comatose to psycho—the author suggests an appropriate diet plan, such as the Paleo diet (“Stick to lean meats. This means no more feeding gourmet cheeses to the mouse in an attempt to plump him up before you eat him”) and “Catty Craig” (“Catty Craig is NOT right for you if you prefer to catch, kill, and devour your own food”). Exercise tips, such as “challenge the dog to a wrestling match under your person’s bed,” allow kitties to boost their fat-burning potential. Bonus features include a feline advice columnist named Flabby Tabby, “success stories” from animals such as Madame Puss and Princess Whiskers, and a guide for humans who want to put their pets on a diet (after they weigh themselves, of course.). This tongue-in-cheek offering will deliver laughs to pet owners and non–pet owners alike. Full-color illus. Agent: Winifred Golden, Castiglia Literary Agency. (Sept.) amazon/Does-This-Collar-Make-Butt/dp/1607744899
Posted on: Fri, 20 Sep 2013 06:57:12 +0000

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