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Blaine is still the same having good days laughing a lot. The neurologist came in today and kind of gave us a punch in the gut. They stated that blindness from a seizure this long is very abnormal. They are very concerned and are uncertain what is causing this. They ordered two more test today. He had his 4th EEG since we have been here. We dont know results from it but likely they didnt see any active seizure activity or we would know already. They also ordered a VEP, which is a test that will give them a better idea if and what kind of communication is going on between the eyes and brain. They hook electrodes to his head and flash different kinds of lights and I guess read his brain activity to it in that area. He has told is twice since Saturday evening that he saw colors in his room. He startled is all Saturday evening while sitting in the bed he yelled out my favorite color, the tv screen went solid blue. Blue and purple are his favorite colors. Then Sunday he told is he saw a yellow banana, above the TV is yellow and its kind of shaped like a banana. That gives me a glimmer of hope. I am trying very hard to stay strong and faithful through this. Its very hard to hear some of the things the doctors say. Thank you all again for the gifts for Blaine, feeding my older boys, text and calls and last but not least the prayers for my family!!
Posted on: Tue, 05 Aug 2014 01:00:09 +0000

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