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Born Again-from the light into the darkness Today, I was born out of the light and received into the darkness. Instantly the idea of darkness brings negative connotations with it, but the light that held me captive for so long blinded me to the truths that would set me free. I was sentenced for too long, living on morsels, mere scraps given to me by those who guarded me. They watched me, making sure that I could not escape. The problem that they didnt count on was my ability to adapt to their Hell, and my strength to look deep within myself, and my willingness to betray everything that I had been force fed. For me knowledge wasnt power, it was an army full of black angels rushing toward me with swords laced with fire. Set free by the most impossible method, and assisted by the darkest of friends, I am now able to freely walk away from it all. My strength is growing with the confidence that was sitting too far below the surface. My vision is clear, all the bondage that the light forced on me I shed like paper shackles. Walking forward, and shunning the past, I feel peace in the reality that today I finally was able to comprehend that I do not exist outside of myself. Liberation for my mind, it can now dream whatever it desires, my imagination can flow like lava tearing up villages as it moves out into the world. My heart can beat in whatever rhythm it wants, no rules apply any, life is this, and it is what I make of it. Contending with those who made up rules to trip me up, to label me, to define me, I know longer need bother with that fight. I have awakened from you city of light, and now I can roam the city in night. I will provide my own illumination, and I will attract moths looking for someone to lead them out of their Hell. What happens after this is of no concern to me, I have given up on hopeful longing, and planning out perfection. No longer will I hang upon their cross, the guilt banged against my head for decades full of promises if I obeyed. There will be no more submitting to the whims, and wants of others, I will seek out my own contentment. Bring everything to me, all that I have passed up in the name of some forgotten design. Nothing lasts forever, all the things that can be bought do not matter beyond the moment that you buy them, nothing matters more than a moment, and satisfied people do not exist. Society looks down at the junkie who dwells in an ally, shaking, dirty and hungry, he steals and sells everything for his next fix. Looked down on, criminalized, dehumanized and hated, but he really is the closest thing to real in this world. He is true to his addiction, the rest of the world uses him to make themselves feel good. Pissing on him, all the way shoes, clothes, cars, and houses are injected into everyone else veins on a minute by minute basis. The only reason people invented the idea of a soul, is so that they could sell it for the latest techno gadget that eats up their lives faster than a heroin habit. This world is a whore house, run by the producers, and that makes the populations sluts who will do anything to get more of something. Darkness isnt bad, it lets the light shine through so it can be seen, and the so the source can be found. The evil that combats anything that people think is good, doesnt exist, it’s just a different way of looking at things. There is no good, thats the truth, and no, you won’t agree with it, but that is because you are still trapped in the light. If you are brave enough and if you seek true freedom you will allow your light to be exposed to the darkness. The rules that you live by were created by centuries of other people trapped in their own light, and you have to wonder how naive have you been to allow yourself to be ruled by people you never even met? It disgusted me so much when I discovered what a fool I had been, I cried over all the years that I had lost to my own ignorance and fear. Break free from the world that tells you what life means, according to their research and their bias views. This world is full of people who live their lives like cattle waiting in line to be slaughtered. Wake up, and think for yourself, do not let your one chance on this planet be stolen from you. I was once like you, I believed in everything, and I chanted like you, dancing in a set fashion, conjuring up hope when I felt all was lost. I was there with you distracted from living by toys, and gadgets, I wanted things all of the time. My life was consumed by consuming and making sure I had the same shit as everyone else. Gratification was only temporary, it fell on my tongue, dissolved, and then it was gone. Now, it doesnt matter what I have, I will keep what I need to be alive. If I slip up and dont keep enough, then I die. What happens then? My guess is I will never know what happens next, it doesnt matter. I have lived in fear of family, relationships, friends, coworkers, strangers, the government, and religious doctrine, and now I am free, the fear is gone; living doesnt consist of me worshiping people or ideologies. I will do what I want I my own terms, I will live to live, and I will create my own meaning. I will not be a slave to everyone else any more. This is my own awakening, I am born again, into a world of darkness, and this moment right now is as real as it will get. No apologies, no forgiveness, and now I can concentrate on the beauty of my own creativity. My imagination has set me free, and no one take that away from me. Walking down a street in the dark, I shall fear no evil because there is no good. Its amazing how the goblins, disappear when you decided they dont exist. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Story brief, very brief outline. Told in first person. (Opening of a philosophical struggle between traditional life philosophies, and the one that this man has decided to adopt, the philosophy that life is not what he was taught. His life after his enlightenment will be completely different, and it will provided him power where he had none before. Those who are in charge of the traditional views on life have been made aware of him, and he is attracting people, and they are beginning to shed their traditional beliefs and are becoming born again in their own life. Those traditional people view him as dangerous and are trying to get rid of him, but they know that he is too powerful to just kill, he is now a figure that people look to for strength. He knows that they are after him, but he fights back. He has no fear, because he doesn’t fear death, he doesn’t fear life, he embraces life and lives life the way he wants. As he gets more powerful, from his fame, he begins to become all that he despised. The people who are in control of the traditional views had planned this, they set him up for so much success that he was doomed either way. What happens once he realizes he has been tricked, well not all is lost as long as he can keep being born again and he can see the truth.
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