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Both things that I have posted from Proverbs 31 Ministries this evening has been spot on for me. Dealing with a full-blown meltdown from your special needs, non-verbal child in Walmart of all places with no where to go (b/c your van is getting an oil change), trying to keep your little baby calm since his big brother is frightening him & getting your oldest to be patient....well, it can be an exhausting 45 min. - an hour or whenever he decides to calm down. Im not going to apologize for the scene that played out before you this evening b/c things like that happen with mentally handicap, autistic, etc. kids. There is simply nothing you can do other than let them work out there meltdown, and make sure they or no one else is in harm. That being said, dont just stand and stare, or walk by slowly and gawk, or look at me as if its MY fault. Instead, if you have time out of your busy, rushed, after-work-hour day...just help. I would have glady let you stand by me and hold my baby or chat with my 8 year old to keep from being impatient or upset that she has to watch her brother meltdown in walmart in front of many, many people. Sure, a helping hand would be nice. As the parent, its frustrating not knowing why or what even triggered this outburst. I wanted to cry, to sob right there with him, b/c not knowing is the hardest thing for me. Wanting to just hold him and tell him its ok instead of being lashed at and bitten and trying to keep him from hurting himself, but its not ok. Hes upset, and in the midst of a busy store youre trying to make it ok. The only thing to do, is ignore him the best you can, and in public like that its hard. Not that I care what people think really b/c I am doing my best a his parent. Thats my way. Its the only way. So anyway, I just wanted to get that out b/c when that happens with my son it shakes me to the core b/c he cant talk to me or tell me (or yell) what is wrong, so I cant make it better. I just have to wait. Just be aware that next time you hear a child like that do not judge, do not make negative comments, it may just be special needs child. Prayers for continued patience & the strength to endure these moments is always encouraging too. Thanks for taking the time read. I just needed to vent.
Posted on: Tue, 04 Nov 2014 01:54:06 +0000

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