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Boy: Can I go out to the party? Mom: NO! you cant its a school night. Boy: but everyone is going Mom: I dont care about everyone else, Its you I care about. Boy: I dont care, I want to go out and you cant stop me. Mom: If you got out, you will be grounded for a very long time. Boy: Whatever Around 7PM the boy sneaks out of his house and goes to the party. The mother calls the boy for dinner, and there is no answer. She decides to go up to his bedroom, the door is locked. She finally gets the door open and finds the window of the bedroom is open. The mother is scared for her son so she decides to go out and find him. Later that night the boy returns home and the Mom isnt there. He checks his phone and sees 3 missed calls and 2 texts. he reads the texts: 7:30 PM - Mom: Where are you? 7:42 PM - Mom: Please answer, where are you, Im sorry I shouted earlier, you know I love you and would do anything for you. The boy gets concerned over this and checks the house phone, there is a voice message. The boy hears: Hello Adam, your mother.. she was involved in a car accident.. at around 8 oclock pm. Im sorry.. but she didnt make it. She told us in the hospital that she loves you very much and that she will always be looking down on you, she said that she was sorry that she got so angry with you and if you could please forgive her. The boy falls down to his knees, puts his head in his hands and starts crying, he knows that if it wasnt for him wanting to go out his mother would still be alive, he knows he will never forgive himself. This is a sad story, but with a very important moral. Do you get it? Like n SHARE This (y)
Posted on: Sat, 27 Dec 2014 18:35:21 +0000

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