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Bro. ABRAHAM JOSEPH ( Promoted to Glory on 28th March 1995 - 19 years completed) -By Sis. Lydia Manoba (Chennai) Bro. Abraham Joseph was born on 08.09.1914 to a South Indian Father and a Burma Mother. Second son of the family. Very active and naughty Boy. After schooling he joined in Army .During the time of First World war being born for an Indian father, he was chased out of Burma after India’s Independence in the year1947. He missed the last Flight to India from Burma , and walked through jungle and had crossed rivers; after few months he reached India border. During his voyaged many people walked with him. One was A Baptist Pastor , Rev. Augustine Moses who served the LORD in Kilpauk Baptist Church in the later years. From north India he travelled by train to south India and reached his mama’s (uncle) house at Royapuram Madras. At that time he was interested in his mama’s daughter and wanted to marry her. So he was very sincerely searching for a job. While he was walking through the road of Purasaiwalkam (the middle of Chennai) he saw a banner “ THE HOLY CONVERCATION” at ‘’ JOHOVASHAMMA”Ritherdon road. That was the calling from the Lord for Bro. A. Joseph to HIS Heavenly Family. He went to Johovashamma and listen the word of God for 3 days..Every day he waited for the Elder to talk to them. They were all busy and the third day brother Joseph went directly to the alter and hold the shirt collar of Bro Rajamani one of the elder of Johovashamma, and asked 3 days I had been waiting for you all but no one was responding. Bro. Philip and Bro R.P.Durairaj were near them. ‘’ This thadiwala (Bro.Philip) was delivering the Lord’s word and I was very eager to know the meanings of it but nobody were looking at me” he shouted angrily. Then Bro.Philip talked and prayed with him. From the next day they all had an eye on Bro. Joseph and shared the word of God with him whenever necessary. Then the LORD opened his mind and he accepted THE LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST as his personal Saviour in the year 1948. After seeing his changed Christian life of Bro. Joseph, the girl who wanted to marry him, asked him why he was reading the bible and praying often daily? Then he shared the Gospel to her but she got angry and refused Later she got married. After some days brother was alone in the Madras city reading the Bible and praying to God for his future guidance. During the time of the great straggle for his survival Lord gave him the promise Psalm 138:8. Then he came to Johovashamma and met Bro. R.P Durairaj and told him that he wanted to serve the Lord. But Bro R.P Durairaj adviced him to go back to army to serve the nation because he has few years to complete his commitment to the army. But Bro. Joseph was willingly took the yoke on him and wanted to serve the Lord. Bro . Bakthsingh made Bro. Joseph to stay at Johovashammma. Bro. Joseph used to clean the toilets, sweep the ground and he loved to work in the House of GOD. During Holy Convercation time he used to go to the railway station to collect the people who were coming by train to the convention. He was a good driver. He can speak many languages like Burme, Tamil, English, Hindi, Telugu. Malayalam, Panjabi, Orudu, Oriya so he shouted with a phenol in his mouth John 3:16 in all these languages. People followed him then he brought them to JS by van. During convention time he is the one who leads the procession . According to Songs of Solomon 6:10 he used to lead 10,000 people in one stretch in a systematic way 3 brothers , 3 sisters, children, singing team then brothers distributing tracts. His voice like a lion and with the jaller in his hand he lead the procession. He proved that he was the HERO of the Gospel open air ministry. He ministered in Punjob, Pathankot and some other places in North India also. During convention time he worked a lot and was very tired and he wanted to letdown for a while. So he put one palm leave mat under the tree and slept. Bro. Bakthsingh noticed him and called him. Bro. Joseph was afraid. But Bro. Bakthsingh gave 12 annas (12x6=72 paisa) and asked him to buy a guilt and a pillow for him to sleep. After 9 years that day he slept in a bed. During the beginning of the year 1957 Bro. Bakthsing asked Bro. Joseph to pray for his marriage. He suggested sis. Beatrice who is working as a teacher in Bain school to him. Sis. Beatrica committed her self for Lord’s ministry and waiting for HIS Time. When she was suggestedto Bro. Joseph, Sis. Beatrice was afraid because , Brother Joseph was a gigantic man with a roaring voice . Bro. Joseph did not know who was sis.Beatrice,? by hearing this name he thought she might be an Angelo Indian. How can I marry an Angelo Indian? Brother prayed and read the Bible. Mark 10th chapter was his portion on that day. Lord spoke to him from Mark 10: 6-9. Then he agreed to marry sis. Beatrice . Their wedding was fixed on 17th June. During that time sis. Beatrice;s younger brother Devesagayam was very sick in TB and admitted in hospital. He was very serious and he told his mother that please do not stop akka’s wedding at any cost. But on 15th June 1957 he went in to Glory. The elders of JS Bro. R.P.Durairaj and Bro.Rajamani were uncles of sis.Beatrice and they were planning to postponed the wedding. But sister’s parents were believers of the Lord asked the elder’s to conduct the funeral service on the same day and proceed the wedding. With the GRACE OF GOD on 17th June 1957 both the servants of God were united in Holy Matrimony at Johovashamma by Bro. Bakthsingh. Sister resigned her job and they both committed themselves for the LORD’S MINISTRY. They went to Kanyakumari for a special meeting. During train journey when train stops for a station Brother get down from the train and tell the Gospel to the passengers. Sister will pray for his strength to announce the Gospel. After they reached kanyakumari came out of the station to the road. In the middle of the four roads one police man was standing and guiding the traffic. Brother went near him and claimed on the platform near the police man and he preached the Gospel for 15 minutes . All the drivers stopped the vehicles and listen to the Gospel. Then he came down and gone for his meetings. Whenever they visited their parents in Madras, brother got up early in the morning and stand on the busy roads and preached the Gospel. Both of them were prayer warriors. They ministered in Vellore at the beginning. Then transferred to Bangalore. At Bangalore brother shared the Gospel to Thiru. Appaji (Pandit Jawaherlal Nehru’s secretary) and led him to Christ. Again they were transfer to Vellore and then to Karnool and from Karnool to Bangalore. At Karnool brother Joseph prayed for a church building. One person offered a’ Horse Shed ‘ . So he purchased a Horse shed and build a Church. Where ever they went they shared the Gospel to the people and build a Church and wound get transferred to another place. They worked in Nanthial and build a church there. From Nanthiyal they were transferred to Ananthapor. At Annanthapor one old lady gave trouble to the God’s servant. They both prayed and purchased a new land and constructed the house of God. After the dedication of the church, brother got again transferred to Cuddappa in 1971. From 1971 they both serve the Lord till their Home call . Brother Abraham Joseph was a man of God. A humble Servant of God. He will never speak. He silently listen to people’s problem and gave them a promise from the word of God and prayed. He gives important to the promises given on the New year service. He will made the believers to memorise their promise and claim the promise in their prayer. He ministered in villages. Where ever he went we can able to see a church build in that place. There are 72 churches around Cuddappa in AP. God’s servant from all the churches would meet together onece a month in Cuddappa. He will listen to their problems and prayed for them. At Cudappa they started Vacation Bible School. Sunday school made very interesting. Many young people were encouraged to continue their educations. Some young men stayed with Brother and sister and studied college. Some of them committed their selves for the Ministry and stayed with them and were trained for Ministry. After training period they were posted as God’s servant and serve the Lord in their given places. Young girls also trained for Ministry. This wonderful man of God is a chronic diabetic and hyper tension patient . He never murmur or felt bad about his sickness. Once he fell down from the Motor bike and by God’s Grace he was identified and saved. He always trust the word of God . He was a loving husband to sis. Beatrice. In his last days he was very quiet and prayerful. On 27th March 1995 night he was very sick and taken to an hospital. While going out current was cut, so lights off and it was dark. Next day morning on 28th March 1995 the soul of this saint went to be with the Lord permanently. God is still on the throne and he will remember his own................ He will not forget you . God is still on the throne. This is the song sung by Brother Burma Joseph at the end of his life that is on 27th March evening. He sang this song to his wife sis. Beatrice saying that God will not forget you. He is still on the throne. Fear not. Today is the 19th death anniversary day of Bro. Abraham Joseph. 08.09.2014 will be the 100th Birthday to him. If God willing, a small book about the Biography of Bro. Abraham Joseph may print before September 1st 2014 it will be very challenge for this generation people . Kindly pray and send some of your matter about Him.
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