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Bubba n Ruby here! We wanted to tell you about a party we went to recently. Ruby says weve told it already, Mom Bean isnt sure, and Pop Bean just doesnt care. BUT it was the first party weve ever been invited to by our sweet AnnMarie. Her brother-in-law Bean (we dont know what that is, but he was nice.) came to visit, and she wanted us to come and play with two little girls and her dog Lovey out in her back yard. Mom and Pop Bean werent too sure, but we were very excited. We had so much fun, until Ruby happened to look up and see in a big window that people were standing around a table, and were EATING stuff off of it. She was excited, and scratched on the door (which had just been painted) and got in trouble, but not enough, because then she did her new trick, and OPENED the door! Since I am her brother and need to watch over her, we both went in at about the same time, at 60 mph, and managed to touch each and every one of the twenty people there before they caught us and pitched us outside. You would have thought a bunch of rats had run in the room, from all the squealing that went on, for heavens sake. We were just being friendly. I wouldnt have gone at all, if it hadnt been for her (I cant open doors yet, and from all the trouble Ruby gets into about it, I never will.) Anyway, I guess they all settled down after a while, and Pop brought us a plate of goodies. AnnMarie said it was ok, and we are invited back to play with Lovey. Ann Marie is a rescuer and she has taken care of a little blind deaf dog named Lucy, and a sweetie named Jackie that couldnt walk, but could roll where she wanted to go faster than we could get in that house. She has lost both of them now, and Lovey is lonesome, so if you know of some doggie that needs a home with someone who really understands, let us know!
Posted on: Mon, 25 Aug 2014 01:43:49 +0000

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