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CALL FOR PARTICIPATION The Faculty of Classical and New Philology and the Faculty of History at the “Sv. Kliment Ohridski” University of Sofia jointly with the Digital Humanities Program at the Center of Excellence in the Humanities “Alma Mater” and the Digital Infrastructure Enhancement Project (DIEP) to the University of Sofia are kindly inviting you to participate in an EpiDoc Workshop to be held at the University of Sofia between 2 and 6 September 2013 with trainers from the King’s College, London. The subject area covered by the workshop is as follows: • General introduction to XML (extensible markup language) and its applications in historical, philological and archaeological work; • General introduction to the XML used by the EpiDoc customization for encoding ancient epigraphical monuments based on the TEI (Text Encoding Initiative); • Digital processing of ancient epigraphical monuments with XML; • Encoding of different textual peculiarities and supporting information of ancient Greek and Latin inscriptions; • Working with XML editors and other tools. The workshop is oriented towards university professors, doctoral and MA students. Travel and accomodation costs, as well as lunch meals during the days of the worskop, are covered for all the participants. As the places are limited, all those interested to participate have to go through a selection procedure. We invite you to submit a CV and a Motivation letter (up to 250 words) in order to apply. For doctoral and MA students, contacts of two professors able to provide recommendations should also be included in the application. Applicants from the Balkan and South-Eastern European region, and/or working in the fields of classical epigraphy or digitization of cultural heritage will be considered with priority. No previous experience with XML and other markup/programming languages is needed. The deadline for submission of applications is 15.07.2013. The decisions of approval will be announced to the applicants by 31.07.2013. For additional information what XML and EpiDoc are and what could be achieved by digitally encoding ancient inscriptions, you may consult the following links: • Text Encoding Initiative: • EpiDoc: • The US Epigraphy Project: • The Inscriptions of Aphrodisias: • The Vindolanda Tablets Online: • Curse Tablets of Roman Britain: • Ancient Greek and Latin Inscriptions from Upper Macedonia, Aegean Thrace and Achaia: The organizing committee: Prof. Dr. habil. Mirena Slavova (Faculty of Classical and New Philology) Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dimitar Birov (Digital Humanities Program at the Center of Excellence in the Humanities “Alma Mater”)) Assistant Prof. Dr. Dimitar Iliev (Faculty of Classical and New Languages) Assistant Prof. Dr. Maria Baramova (Faculty of History) Assistant Prof. Nikolay Sharankov (Faculty of Classical and New Languages) Dobromir Dobrev (Center of Excellence in the Humanities “Alma Mater”)
Posted on: Sun, 16 Jun 2013 10:10:54 +0000

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