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CALL FOR PARTNERS !!!! Name of the Organization: PEARL OF AEGEAN YOUTH Name of the Project: “ LET YOUR SPIRIT DANCE ! “ (KA1 Action) – Youth Exchange Venue: İZMİR – TURKEY Date: 04.09.2014 – 11.09.2014 We have come together in Izmir and become colorful and dynamic group. As a result of successful work as a team and on the psychology of human health benefits of dance, we have prepared a project subject area. First of all, dancing is all over the world, self-expression through dance has never been almost a human community. Be told a lot of stories through dance and body. Dance, even among people who understand each others language is a language of communication, connects people. We are going to use the language of dance in our own story to tell you, we want to bond with you. Through this project , we will have fun and explore the boundaries of our bodies as well as our body will find the peace. Join us and share with us your own story, Let’s apply now ! Deadline: 13.03.2014 Contact Us: [email protected]
Posted on: Sat, 08 Mar 2014 20:52:55 +0000

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