COMPLAINT AGAINST COL.AMEER ULLAH SAHEB PTI CANDIDATE NA.27 """I am a strong suuporter of PTI, me my family and majority of people in my area want to vote PTI this time but great difficulty is that Col saheb has not paid as many visits to our village/mohallah as v expect. We want that he should stage seversl jalsa and held several meetings in our village and meet all the Masharan individully.""" These r the words which many friends recite. The fact is that its not possible for a candidate to act according to above stated desires of workers during these busy days of election. We should keep in mind the fact that Distt Lakki is stretched over a vast area. Visiting all the villages and canvessing personally by the candidate is allmost impossible. So we, the workers of pti hv the responsiblity of conveying the message of PTI and Col saheb to his villagers and relatives. Col saheb is a simple marwat sincere friend and honest Leader. He is free from arrogence, boasting and superiority complex. His sole aim in contesting election is to serve his Marwat tribe and liberate Marwats from the shackles of ignorence, poverty, exploitations of Khaanz and political Mullahz. He wishes and struggles for a free educated prosperous and peacefull marwat tribe with cultivated and productive farms, smooth roads, fully furnished and fascilated active hospitals, renownend and prestigious educational institutes, transparent official system, regular supply of electricity to each farfetched village, and a reformed vigillent police system. He tries to do this becoz he wants to pay his debt to his soil. This is the message of PTI and col saheb and v should convey it to our friends villagers and relatives... BY:SUBHAN TAJORHI. #SAM #IMRANIST
Posted on: Sun, 11 Aug 2013 17:52:25 +0000

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