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CONDO + DORM + HOTEL = Investment + Habambuhay na Hanapbuhay Looking for a worry-free and lifetime rental rental business for you and for your back home? Now is your best time to invest in SPACE U-BELT, a 38-story CONDORMITEL project by Major Homes Inc., a condominium that will operate as a dormitory and a hotel with MALL & CINEMA strategically located beside Far Eastern University in the University Belt. With more than 365,000 students within the area and its strategic location, SPACE U-BELT truly offers you a never-ending rental business with students as target market for bedspace rental since we never run out of students, instead their population just grows up every year. Just own a unit and we do everything for you. Sit back...relax...and earn even while you sleep. We offer a lifetime ownership with a title, delivery is on December 2016. All units are fully-furnished with 3 bedspaces. Per bedspace will be rented at Php5,000 (minimal rate) with the following monthly rental income: 15.59sqm; fully furnished; 3 bedspaces =Php15,000 monthly rental income LESS: Monthly Association Dues =Php75 per sqm =more or less Php1,169.25 Asset Management Dues =Php55 per sqm =more or less Php857.45 NETT MONTHLY RENTAL INCOME: Php12,973.30 nett of expenses (Utility bills like water, meralco and cable will be equally paid by the renters and not by the unit owners, this is seperate from the rental fee per bedspace.) Dormitel units will be managed by our Asset Management Group who will be responsible from units daily housekeeping, unit maintenance and security to outsourcing of renters to rent in bedspaces, execution of rental contracts and collection of rental fees. So wether you are based abroad or living in the country, you dont need to worry about your rental business since everything will be taken cared of by the Asset Management Group. You will just wait for your monthly rental income to be deposited in your local bank account on a monthly basis. SAMPLE COMPUTATION 15.59sqm 3 bedspaces Fully firnished Total Unit Price: Php1,681,000.00 Reservation Fee: Php25,000 -pay immediately 5% Spot Downpayment =Php84,050 less Php25,000 RF =Php59,050 -payable 30 days after the reservation payment 25% Downpayment payable in 23 Months =Php420,250 =Php18,271.73 per month for 23 months, first payment starts 30 days after the 5% Spot DP 70% Balance payable upon Unit Turn Over =Php1,176,700 -payable via cash or bank/in house or pag ibig financing Bank Financing (8% Interest) 5 years -Php22,369.00 per month 10 years -Php13,385.00 per month 15 years -Php10,543.00 per month NOTE: Upon unit turn over, unit will be rented automatically thru the management of the Asset Management Group. Thus, when your balance has to be loaned thru bank or pag-ibig, your unit has already its own monthly rental income to pay for your monthly loan due. With this, your unit becomes self-liquidating. Why Invest in Space? 1. We offer lifetime ownership thru a TITLE which later on, you can mortgage it to the bank when you decide to having another business. You enjoy your monthly rental income from your condormitel unit, plus, it will help you expand your business thru its title. Moreover, you can pass it on from generation to generation. 2. This is a never-ending business, it is just a cylcle, students population increases every year. Thus, it only means a higher monthly rental income potential for you. We never run out of students. 3. Location is perfect. When you invest in real-estate, what matters most is the LOCATION!!! University Belt has the highest population in Metro Manila where you can find famous universities/colleges just around the area. 4. You are buying a historic piece of Manila like a sachet. Owning it affordably having a lower price yet it will provide you a higher return on investment since your unit will be rented on a per bedspace basis at Php5,000 minimum x 3 bedspaces. It triples your monthly rental income potential. 5. Worry-free!!! You just buy a unit and we manage it for you. We do it all for you. We market and we sell your bedspaces. This is an agressive approach to manage your business by our Asset Management Group. 6. Safe and secured!!! We have an access key card to provide to all tenants and unit owners by which they can only access their own floor. This is an added security feature to control access of non-residents to any dormitory floors. Plus, a 24-hour roving security service. 7. Convenient and well-maintained!!! All of our units are fully-furnished with daily housekeeping to monitor and maintain the cleanliness of the units. All floors are wi-fi coverage. Plus, it has a MALL with cinemas from the Ground to 3rf Floor. Amenities include the swimming pool, gym, study hall, library and many more. 8. Low-risk and Increasing Value of Investment. Our location is prime, thus, you expect a higher value of unit appreciation every year. Since this is pre-selling, your investment has no way but up in terms of investment value. You enjoy the most affordable price of a pre-selling unit as compared to the price of a Ready for Occupancy unit in the market. In addition, the risk to invest in this kind of real-estate product is low. Real-estate is far better than stocks or insurance or mutual funds, your investment gain does not depend on the ups and downs of the world market like stocks, insurance products and mutual funds do. What we offer is shelter for students, a basic need for everyone. Education is everybodys priority and everyone plans for his/her childrens education and part of providing a good education to your children is sending them to good schools like what we have in the University Belt and as well, providing them a comfortable and secured living space. That is what we truly offer, a perfect and secured study place yet affordable. BABY G. AQUINO Director of Sales Major Homes Incorporated 167 Edsa, Mandaluyong City UK NUMBER: +442037692728 US NUMBER: 3108626806 US & CANADA NUMBER: *0101537586* (dial with asterisk from your handset) Mobile & Viber: (+63) 9157255783 (+632) 5334663 local 125 Email Add: [email protected] Space U-Belt Video:
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