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Calling Inflammation anything but inflammation. How can inflammation be mistaken for fat, bone or anything else besides inflamed tissue? Inflammation happens in stages and can reoccur without notice unless look for. Most are knowledgeable about the most typical and noticeable type of inflammation, like when a finger is slammed, an ankle get twisted or when the knee swells up. These are all inflammation but they are not the kind of inflammation that causes long lasting problems. When injury happens to muscular, tendious, ligamentous, or connective tissue that structure must heal itself and it already has all the mechanisms it needs to do so but because we are mobile creatures the injured area seldom can be isolated and free from any resistance or pull from other areas in the body (such is the purpose of cast and slings). Remember the body is one unit not separate by parts. It functions always as a unit. So, when something happens to one part it must counterbalance that part as well as protect it from further injury. This further injury is increased inflammation. The most confusing part about inflammation is we like to think of it as a soft mushy mound; but as time passes that mound becomes harder and harder overlaying itself bundles of scar tissues that weaves itself into the muscle fibers retarding the muscles ability to lengthen and strengthen. The most perplexing part of inflammation within soft tissues is identifying it as inflammation and not “normal” tissue. Remember the only problem with soft tissues, excluding organs, is either too much or too little. Inflammation is always too much. Inflammation cannot be pushed or rubbed away and always it is carried out by the Lymphatic system. Inflammation is a thick fluid or inflammation can be a piling on of tissue that has been forced to stretch because of the amount of fluid running through it. The latter often times feels firm and hard. Draining inflammation is not so easy. It is talk about and bragged about in the same voice as Lymphatic Drainage but that is like expecting a Volkswagon-Bettle to ride like a Rolls Royce. Now way, which means the Lymphatic need help.
Posted on: Mon, 29 Jul 2013 17:10:10 +0000

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