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Carrots are full of surprises. Not only do they contain antifungal properties, but they won’t feed the fungus because they have a low glycemic index! Many people who are ill from mold-related illnesses avoid eating carrots because they fear they are high in sugar and will feed the fungus, which is not the case. When misconceptions are set aside and the truth from scientific studies be told, we find that even a glass of fresh carrot juice won’t spike our blood sugar levels. According to Livestrong, “Fresh 100-percent carrot juice has a glycemic index of 45.” The organization explains, “The glycemic index is a numerical scale that ranks foods and beverages on their potential to raise your blood sugar and your insulin levels. Foods and beverages that rank above 70 are considered ‘high GI’ foods and are likely to raise your blood sugar rapidly. Foods and beverages that fall below 55 on the scale are considered ‘low GI’ foods and are not likely to raise your blood sugar quickly or any sizable amount.” In addition to having a low glycemic index, carrots also have a low glycemic load. The difference between the glycemic index of a food and the glycemic load is that the glycemic load takes into consideration the typical serving size of each type of food and the amount of carbohydrates in that serving, explains Livestrong. Dr. Jonny Bowden, PhD, a clinical nutrition specialist quoted in the Livestrong article, states that carrots have a glycemic load of 3, which he refers to as “ridiculously low.” The Harvard School of Public Health also classifies the glycemic load of carrots as low. Livestrong points out, “Low GL foods have a GL rating of 10 or under, as classified by the Harvard School of Public Health.” Carrot juice definitely delivers a power punch against fungus. The antifungal components help knock out the fungus while the longer source of energy it delivers, because of its low glycemic index, enables the body to repair and detox more effectively. If you want to power boost the fungal-fighting abilities of your carrot juice like we did, just add some garlic, ginger, and a few slices of green apple, which all contain anti-fungal properties in their own right. It was juicing this antifungal carrot concoction 3x/day that restored about 50% of our family’s health from mold-related illnesses after Hurricane Katrina. If you would like more information on the health benefits of juicing carrots or to learn the other components of the natural treatment plan that completely restored our family’s health, please come “like” our fb page for MOLD: The War Within to receive future posts. We not only write about treatment options to discuss with your healthcare provider, but also offer hope and encouragement for recovery. Also referenced: livestrong/article/90359-glycemic-load-list/ livestrong/article/418408-the-glycemic-index-of-carrots/
Posted on: Thu, 27 Mar 2014 18:36:56 +0000

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