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Celebrate with me the homecoming of one of the most important prople in my life...Pastor and missionary E. Charlotte Baker. She was the missions director at Fountain Gate Ministeries in Plano Texas and Bill and I went with she and her husband when she went back to Seattle area to re-establish the church, The Kings Temple, that she had founded years before. She was the first person to share Bible truth with me of Gods word concerning Israel and Gods people. Shared a video of the first Russian Jews coming back to the land. Practically she taught that anger was wasted emotional energy and that we needed to save that energy for good use...the highest and best of which was high praise of our wonderful Heaveny Father. She was the person of the 5 ministers at Fountain Gate the Sunday before Bill was run over by a tractor with the mowing blade engaged who taught on Praising God no matter what! ! Which was the same theme I was sharing with Vacation Bible School kids when they came and got me at the summons of the paramedics working over Bill in the Student Union Building on the 5 acre campus. The signs and wonders that followed that Word as well of the word itself has forever influenced my life. But even more than that, Charlotte was a worshipper. She and our senior pastor, Fuschia Picket, pioneered the use of dance, mime, drama, full orchestra, etc to express our hearts, promoting worship in areas of worsip we individually might not be gifted in, but could engage as we beheld it in others. One of the prime examples I recall is a guy named Ray as he leaped in dance....what a visual came to me as my Savior leaping in dance(rejoicing) and singing over me! Charlotte was the first person I ever engaged in a long fast for, as she traveled to India for a month. One of the fun stories she came back with was how she had told us that she hated one thought about going back to India and that was the mice. She was so afraid of them and she had encountered so many in a previous trip. She said that on the current trip, she was preaching and when she finished she remarked to a friend how wonderful it was that she had encountered no mice this time. Her friend, quite amazed at how calm Charlotte was when she was preaching, and now astounded at her statement said, Charlotte, there were mice running back and forth over your feet all the time you were preaching!!! God answers prayer! Well, I do give You thanks, Abba, for all you taught me and many through E Charlotte Baker. Be with all of us who are touched by her loss, but celebrate her gain.
Posted on: Sun, 28 Sep 2014 20:11:06 +0000

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