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Chapter One: A New Begginning My father, whoever he is was never involved in my life, I knew nothing about him. I didnt know his name, or what he looked like, nothing, but that was okay, it was just me and my mother for years living in Athens for most of my life. She died four years ago in a fire august 5th 2009, no one knew what happened. I had gone out to the market to get some things we needed and then when I got back our stone house it was on fire. The city police sent me to go live with my grandparents on their farm. They grow wheat in their fields so when I got there it became my job to gather the grains. I was used to the routine of farm life, get up early, feed the animals, then go out in the field for hours and collect grains. This is my fifth season of harvest, I know these fields like the back of my hand by this time. Today felt different, it felt gloomy like my mind was saying something bad is going to happen. I wasnt sure if this came from my dream last night or not. My dream last night was very different it seemed so real. I was standing in a large room, it was darkly lit and a little blurry like I wasnt really there. Then I heard this; “We need to take care of the boy. He is getting too old and is becoming a threat.” Said a woman’s voice. Her voice sounded powerful. “I will take care of it my Mistress.” this voice was a male voice, but squeaky like a boy going through puberty. “You better, or else I will have to deal with you.” Said the woman. Then I got a good look at the male voice, it was a goblin. He was about my height, with a hunch. His skin was pasty green and somewhat scaly. He wore iron armor with chain mail underneath. And a helmet that was clearly too big for him, because it seemed to fall off his head. His face was flat and looked like it was pressed against glass. His teeth where crooked and hung over his lips, his teeth were not like human teeth they were more like a wolf’s teeth. His eyes were wide and could show that the woman he was talking to scared him witless, he dropped his sword on his way out of the room. The woman let out a sigh of frustration. The goblin left the room and I stood there unable to move as though I was encased in lead, then the woman spoke again, “So, you think I didnt know you were listening in on my little conversation, just now. Thaddeus, I will not let you meddle in my plans.’ I tried to talk back or yell or ask what was happening, but I couldnt speak, it was like my tongue wasnt in my mouth anymore. Then the dream started to fade and I awoke. The next morning I got up and acted like it was any other day. I tried not to let on about my dream last night, which wasnt that hard when my grandparents live hours from any town or other houses, the farm was in the middle of a forest in a clearing. And I hadnt been down the road since I got to the farm. My grandparents never let me even get close to the road as though something would snatch me up or kill me. I didnt have any friends or people my own age to talk to, it was just me and my elderly grandparents everyday. Papa, my grandpa, would go into town and sell the wheat we didnt need for milk and other things we needed like clothes. Papa was a short man and wore overalls most days. He had grey hair and a mustache and a smile that made rooms light up. He had a strange sense of humor and if you didnt know him well enough you would get confused at his sense of humor. He would pick up a couple of sticks often and teach me about sword fighting and how to fight. I thought this skill was a little useless, but it was fun and something that came naturally to me. Nana, my grandma, was the sweetest lady in the world. She was short and had short white hair and crooked teeth, but not ugly teeth just crooked. She was a nice woman with a sparkle in her eyes and when she laughed it inspired people to laugh too, even me who showed barely any emotion at all. I liked my dark clothes and to stay in the shadows. Well, I loved my grandparents they took me in when there was no one else who would. I went on with my work till noon, when my Papa went back to the house to get some snacks for us, after all it was my sixteenth birthday today, may 7th. So I worked still thinking about my dream and wondering if I should bring it up to my Papa. Then I saw something shine in the wheat, I went closer to it and then I saw what it was, a solid black sword with a silver handle. It was about four feet long from tip to hilt, it was a two handed sword. Then I noticed a tag on the hilt it was yellow with balloons on it, it read “Happy 16th birthday, son. Hope you like your gift, it will turn into a bracelet when you will it too, I know you Papa has been teaching you this valuable skill. I’m sorry for not being around for you son, just know one thing, I love you and things are about to change in ways you could never imagine.” it was signed -H I sat down, “Could this really be from my Dad?” I thought to myself. So many questions swirled through my head. Then I noticed an inscription on the blade it was in Greek, my Nana had taught me some so I was able to read it, it said “The dead rise and fall by this blade.” I pondered what it could possibly mean for a few minutes. I sheathed the sword and continued my work. Then I started to smell smoke and turned to see a pillar of black smoke coming from the farm house. I had never run so fast in my life. I don’t know what caused me too, was it fear of the house burning down, or that if the house was gone I would have nowhere to live or that if my grandparents died I would have no one left, whatever the reason I got there in record time. When I came to the little hill that blocked sight to the house from the fields I saw what the cause of the fire was, but not my grandparents. The cause of the fire was what scared me the most. It was the goblin from my dream. I stood there shocked for a moment, things rushing through my head. Then one stuck, and well, I started running, not away, but towards the goblin with my sword drawn. I caught him of guard he unsheathed his sword and braced, his eyes showed that he was scared of me which puzzled me, I am nothing to be scared of, but that thought came after, the only thought in my head was, I am going to murder this goblin! I got to the goblin and I didnt slowdown at all. I swung straight down onto his helmet. It flew into the air off his head with a huge dent in the over sized helmet. The goblin was dazed, I brought my sword to his left and sliced right through him. He started to fade into shadow right after his lifeless body hit the ground. This didnt faze me even though I never expected it, but I had other things on my mind. I ran into the burning house and searched from room to room and found no one. Then I got to my grandparents bedroom it was blazing with fire everywhere, and then I saw something on the foot of the bed. It was a silver bow, with a quiver of arrows. I grabbed it and slung it over my shoulder. Then ran to my room and instinctively grab my emergency pack. My grandparents always made me know exactly where it was as though they were waiting for something like this to happen. I ran outside and started running down the road with tears in my eyes. I turned back and saw the house continue to burn. “On my own from now on I guess. Goodbye nana and papa, I will make you proud, I promise.” Then I went on my way with one goal, find out who the Mistress was, why she wanted me dead, and why my father had sent me this gift now after all theses years of never being involved.
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