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Check out my new book with Tate Publishing, a story of patriotism, love and perseverance. It takes place in the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks on New York City. James viewed the 9/11 attacks from a television monitor in high school, right about the time that he was deciding where to attend college. He always had a burning fire to be President of the United States, because of years of growing up on his grandfathers lap, a Vietnam war hero and presidential historian. When the fire of patriotism from September 11, 2001 finally combined with his burning desire to be president, Columbia University became the only school of choice. Three years later, while finishing his Doctorate in History, he meets an amazing woman at school, a Columbia tennis star, and the two of them embark upon a journey to return America to its former greatness. Together they, after decades of lost values in America, prove what great things a man and a woman can do in marriage, when they become one, and put God first in all that they do. You can purchase it on Amazon. Enjoy and may God bless you while you read. amazon/Right-Hope-Michael-Cal-Brooks/dp/1630638129 https://facebook/MichaelCalBrooks?ref=hl https://facebook/MichaelCalBrooks?ref=hl
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