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Christchurch Rebuild Some pretty interesting stats were released by the media in the weekend re progress of the Christchurch rebuild. •There are now 10,000 more people employed in construction in Christchurch than pre-earthquake and there are 3 times as many buildings being erected •Male unemployment in Christchurch is currently 2% •94% of demolition work has been completed •In the CBD there have been 1060 demolitions completed •240 new buildings are being erected, refurbished or under construction •A key factor often overlooked when looking at the speed of the rebuild over the past four years is that earthquakes insurance companies would not/were reluctant to underwrite buildings until after the earthquakes had stopped. We are 4 years on so really this means only a 1.5 year window of construction (and that’s providing the demolition of the building had been completed). •27% of roading repairs have now been completed •69% of fresh water pipes and 46% of waste water have been repaired •50% of residential claims have been fully settled •80% of commercial claims have been fully settled •EQC have settled 87% of claims •There are 33 thousand homes still left to settle or repair
Posted on: Wed, 03 Sep 2014 03:25:49 +0000

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