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Church Leadership... Id follow an ALL-transparent leader over an ALL-together one any day. The days of following men in ministry who isolate themselves from the people, hide their family secrets, and insulate themselves with people who wont ask deep questions is coming to an end. The refusal of leaders to be transparent in the pulpit before people and in community is rooted in self-preservation, fear, and arrogance. Refusing to allow our humanity to be seen by others causes people to set us on pedestals God never intended us to be on. The hypocrisy of demanding others to be transparent and accountable while remaining undisturbed, unaccountable, and nontransparent ourselves must end as well. Every servant of the Lord no matter how anointed or gifted he/she might be is still human. We are weak, helpless, and unable to do a thing without the grace of God resting on us and working through us. Its time to start daily walking again in the sober reality of Jesus words...Apart from me you can do nothing. If its really all about Jesus and not about us then what cost is it to us to humble ourselves and walk in weakness before the people? That is the place where His strength is perfected anyway...right?? God is dealing death blows to pride in this season like never before. What generations before us got away with, we will not. Praying today that we would heed the call to transparency and humility as servants and sons and turn away from loving to have our images preserved in the minds of men. Amen.
Posted on: Thu, 13 Nov 2014 21:46:09 +0000

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