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Claas Frederickse, from the fishing village of Petten, North Holland, the Netherlands, was the first of his family to come to America (1664). His great-grandfather was Albert, his grandfather was Albert Albertse and his father was Frederick Albertse van Petten. Clause Frederickse Van Petten was born 30 May, 1641 and was baptized on 2 June, 1641 at Petten, North Holland. He died 3 October, 1728 at Albany, New York and was buried at Vale Cemetery. Claas arrived in New Netherlands in 1664 and, with Isaac Swits, leased the bowery of William Teller. Claas bought his first farm in company with Cornelis Viele in 1668, paying a total of 330 beaver skins. The property, owned by Marten Van Ysselsteyn, was situated on the west of Claass brother-in-law, Reyner Schermerhorn, at Schenectady. Claas moved to Papsne (Papsknee), near Albany, in 1683. Because of that move, Claas missed the 1690 massacre by the French and the Indians by 7 years. Claas owned a boat at one time that moved grain along the Hudson River and also owned slaves, as did many of the following generations. He was Roadmaster, juror, and in 1690, he was Justice of the Peace under Governor Leisler.
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