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Confession #490 ( Love at first sight) Hi admin, here I m sharing my confession. I’ve left department name blank to protect our privacy. please post. You were our senior in _________ Department , Peshawar university. We rarely spoke though, but you made an impression on me with your cute smile, graceful personality & deposition. There was something radiant and beautiful about you, & I felt it when you were no more around me. I used to watch you enjoying with your friends, I used to watch your happy times with your girlfriend, you both looked so cute with each other. I was busy watching you & you suddenly went away. And I suddenly started missing some one who was like a stranger to me. I tried to shed these silly thoughts off my mind but I failed, I confessed to my friends, they laughed at me. I tried searching for you but in vain so far. But I tell you Im struggling, I keep going cuz i tell myself the light at the end of the tunnel is you. Today, I miss you even more cuz i dont get to see your smiling face. Your middle name is ‘Hayat’ & you are a non-pashtun. If you are reading this please confess, comment or like the post. Someone please tag him. I’m sorry I’d to give little personal info about you.
Posted on: Sun, 07 Dec 2014 08:51:54 +0000

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