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Congratulations to the Supporting Officers who will be serving at the 3rd National Assembly! -Cabinet: Attorney General - Bill McDonald Secretary of Agriculture - Seth Reid Secretary of Commerce - Jody Dahmer Secretary of Defense - Marissa Bopp Secretary of Education - Christina Wiley Secretary of Energy - Mason Hill Secretary of Health and Human Services - Haley Parrott Secretary of Homeland Security - Bailey Roe Secretary of Housing and Urban Development - Tyler Siminski Secretary of Labor - Valeria Ojeda-Avitia Secretary of State - Blake Bixler Secretary of Transportation - Nathaniel Rossum Secretary of the Treasury - Tessa Main Secretary of Veterans Affairs - Jeffery Hahn Ambassador to the United Nations - Hannah Mccandles Director, Office of Management & Budget - Jake Jola Press Secretary - Sam Ingalls -House of Representatives Suppporting Officers Armed Services Chair - Heather Ryan Energy and Commerce Chair - Jeremiah Landin Education and the Workforce Chair - Amber Richards Foreign Affairs Chair - Joe Kiernan Rules Chair - Kaitlyn Kessler Science, Space, and Technology Chair - Sasha Klebnikov Ways and Means Chair - Jacob Barrett -Senate Supporting Officers Secretary of the Senate - Brittney Zeller Budget Chair - Abby Argue Commerce, Science, and Transportation Chair - Syed Akhtar Environment and Public Works Chair - Taylor Dizor Finance Chair - John Pedersen Foreign Relations Chair - Varun Menon Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Chair - Laura Guarinoni Homeland Security and Government Affairs Chair - Amanda Johnson Judiciary Chair - Gabe Delaney -Supreme Court Associate Justice - Mel Pavlik (abroad) Associate Justice - Sarah Simon (nominee) Associate Justice - Sarah Iocomini Associate Justice - Philip Moore Associate Justice - Nathaniel Collard
Posted on: Mon, 12 May 2014 01:03:44 +0000

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