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Creative Database and Community - Casting Call Asia has been launched! We are very excited to announce that Casting Call Asia is now fully online Check our new website castingcallasia You can register for free and benefit from the new launch of the platform. This tool will allow you to build the profile you like, improve your visibility on the net, and have access to more castings. Casting Call Asia - CCA has been built by professionals who are active in the media, photography, movie, modeling and entertainment industry. The ultimate target is to facilitate the communication & cooperation among professionals working in the same industry. It is very easy to register: - Go on castingcallasia - Then, go on the register box - Fill in your user information and choose the profile that corresponds best to your characteristics - When the registration is completed, you can start posting pictures and movies that describe best your profile. - Have fun and start exchanging with other people involved in the same industry! Join us! We target all SE market
Posted on: Tue, 11 Mar 2014 04:54:17 +0000

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