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D 4th of August was a sunday many in oghara will live to remember. D town wore a new look as posters eulogising james ibori flooded every area and even neighbouring towns. Sympathizers from far and near gathered at oghara baptist church to mark d 55th birthday of their ex governor! Rev Iweh Godspower thrilled d crowd with a wonderful sermon- ibori is a high success but that is not why u ve all gathered, u ve come cos ibori is a man who after climbing high in d social, political and economic ladders of nigeria did not seize and throw away d ladder in d way most nigerian big men usually do; he made d ladder available for others to climb up too. And even when some pp are too weak to make use of that ladder, he helped pulled them up. Never forget that and u go and do likewise." d occasion featured oil marketers, politicians, musicians, comedians, national assembly members and men and women adorned with colourful asoebi. They danced and shouted-"odidigboigbo of africa". D celebration lasted for 3 days and ended on tuesday with a novelty football match at d oghara township stadium! Very very funny indeed. This is why europeans call us monkeys! In my opinion a monkey is even a compliment, we are worse off, otherwise how would u justify a birthday party celebration for a criminal. D judge who sentenced ibori in London described his loot as unquantifiable and here u ve him raised shoulder high and d crowd even included a reverend and he even clamoured for more pp to emulate him! Why do we then blame d whites for enslaving us? O NIGERIA OUR GREAT NATION!!!
Posted on: Thu, 08 Aug 2013 10:16:16 +0000

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