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DAY 12 she woke me up 1:27 at dawn today. ive asked her if she wanted to come out now ang paglakaw naman lang pud sa skina --- i calculate pa bya na ang strength basi bya noong makakawat kog tricykad nga naka park ngares kilid kilid ... but shes trying to play james bond pa thrilling ... why am i not feeling any pain yet? tingob ni? di uso installment para di sad kaayo bug at sa tunga? ok whatever come what may --- listening to mozart music feeling class - este relax counting the intervals with the numbness shes giving out 99% nervous 1% question mark dili ko marattle dili ko marattle dili ko marattle lage! as of 7.30 am niambak as in literal nga niambak sa ilawm how the hell did she do that? nakatog na unta kog alas 6 nana sad ni ... babba black sheep 1 babba black sheep 2 babbba black sheep 3 ... 12:31 pm my first gift to my baby JUMPSUITS AND LAWSUITS este leggings ive always loved stripes pero i seldom wear lang kay DILI PASABOT GANAHAN KA ANGAYAN KA so since i know where i stand... i stand still --- politely wabbit wabbit!
Posted on: Sat, 30 Aug 2014 04:31:45 +0000

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