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DESERT HALLWAYS The drab soldier in the penance of the king: glug, glug, glug goes the drug down into our belly. Watch now and hold the judgement burger; to slip outside into the starry night where the flying is. Raise the bar they said, but the bar turned into glue and stuck my feet to the waves of the ocean, and every wave became mystical in the sands of these halls that reign upon us prisoners who have surrendered and survived. Brace this upon the holy illusion where the waves dance around the bridgeless ocean. Hold those random thoughts, check that noise. But where will I put it all? Bury them in the waves at the edge of the ocean. The little voice of reason? Maybe a drop of same. And when the upside comes to travel along the joy for while it lasts, it will be a great light in the darkness, so remember your breathing and feel fortunate as you carry on. And oh look, heres a magic flashing before the eyes thats unusual, falling over itself to take the blither out of the blather, to be drunkish and not bad, maybe half a stone of mortal that the washed surf serves up along the shoreline of immortality before the down of another crisis rising; but is 1950s food rather rich for me to trust in life? Maybe a quarter of the pie left in the gravy to see with all my belief that everyones on their own and to not have any desire for that to cause me any concern. Hallelujah.
Posted on: Mon, 20 Jan 2014 18:26:56 +0000

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