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DESTINY NEWS - How to get a PIKE in FREE ROAM!?!?!?!? Yes its possible if you didnt know, as a matter of fact I just found out for myself today and was pleasantly surprised. So, yesterday I was doing some material farming with a friend and we were headed to forgotten shores in the valley on earth when he calls out to me that a white letter message popped up on the bottom left of his screen that said A roving band of pikes is near... well this is weird we thought as we kept on driving to the next area and trying to figure out what it was, well we forgot about it and went about our day but JUST NOW I was on Venus in the area to the left when you spawn in and boom A Roving Band Of Pikes Is Near... I was like what is that? then I started killing guys again because I was obtaining the 100 k/d bounty and its popped up again A Band Of Roving Pikes Is Very Close... and at this point if your head isnt on a swivel I dont know whats wrong with you, mine was and I was gifted with 2 Fallen Dregs riding pikes into my area and a chase ensued as I jumped over the railing spawning my sparrow mid-air, when I caught then no mercy was given from the level 29 warlock, I took a Pike, and killed their brethren. ITS LUCK! or perhaps its on a timer, I dont know, nyone figures out more LET US KNOW! Until Next time Guardians, hope you enjoyed the short story.
Posted on: Sun, 19 Oct 2014 13:56:37 +0000

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