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Daily Chronological Bible Reading Pastor Anthony Hovey – Shoal Creek Baptist Church DAY 37: Job 27:1-23 1 Likewise Job continued his parable, and said, 2 I vow by the living God, who has taken away my rights, by the Almighty who has embittered my soul; 3 as long as I live, while I have breath from God, 4 my lips will speak no evil, and my tongue will speak no lies. 5 I will never concede that you are right; I will defend my integrity until I die. 6 I will maintain my innocence without wavering. My conscience is clear for as long as I live. 7 May my enemy be punished like the wicked, my adversary like those who do evil. 8 For what hope do the godless have when God cuts them off and takes away their life? 9 Will God listen to their cry when trouble comes upon them? 10 Can they take delight in the Almighty? Can they call to God at any time? 11 I will teach you about God’s power. I will not conceal anything concerning the Almighty. 12 But you have seen all this, yet you say all these useless things to me. 13 This is the fate awaiting the wicked from God; this is their inheritance from the Almighty. 14 He may have many children, but they will die by the sword or starve to death. 15 Those children who survive will die of a plague, and no one shall have pity on their widows. 16 Though the wicked may accumulate money like dust and may store away mounds of clothing, 17 But the righteous will wear that clothing, and the innocent will divide that money. 18 The wicked build houses as fragile as a moth, as flimsy as a shelter made of branches. 19 The wicked go to bed rich but wake to find that all their wealth is gone. 20 The terrors of their impending death and judgment will overwhelm them like a flood, and they are blown away by the tempest of divine wrath in the night. 21 The east wind carries him away, and he is gone. It sweeps him into eternity. 22 For God shall cast their sins upon them, and not spare them in judgment: they would flee from the wrath of God and judgment, but they can’t. 22 It whirls down on them without mercy. They struggle in vain to escape its power. 23 But the righteous will cheer at their death rejoicing that justice has been done; they will mock them as they depart from the judgment seat and tribunal of God. Share this with your friends. Give them the gift of Gods Word.
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