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Daily prediction based on lagna rashi (Ascendant). To know your lagna rashi write to us through astrodisha ... Mesh:- Avoid arguments with your partner, you will be in mood for some purchase for family. ... Vrishabh:- You will be in a picnic mood planning for weekend along with your partner or member of maternal side. ... Mithun:- Work is in your head all the time, thinking of expansion and growth. Expense towards family is indicated. ... Kirk:- If you are thinking of buying a car or house, think twice before making a deal. Delay in communication and bargain is indicated. ... Sihma:- Avoid being aggressive and rash. You feel like staying back home relaxing and enjoying. ... Kanya:- Planning to for long distance travelling. Expense is on cards. Try to be soft and rational in words. ... Tula:- Everything doesn’t seem to go right, confused state of mind. Planning to change some home décor. ... Vrishka:- Already in a holiday mood, avoid aggressiveness in work place. ... Dhanu:- For bachelors marriage is on cards, thinking of getting some loan. Gains may be delayed. ... Makara:- Gains through children, their grand parents may give them some gifts. ... Kumbh:- Avoid arguments with your partner as they are planning to go for long journey. ... Meena:- You will like to spend time along with your younger siblings may be from maternal side.
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