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Day 15 Im thankful for my bestest buddy on the face of this Earth. Kirby Gundlach was born eighteen years ago today. I could get really sappy, but... I wont. One time, on the Bailey farm trip, Kirby got stuck in that part of the old barn where you have to jump down to get out because she was too scared to fall into the straw pile. She was stuck there for like ten minutes. And one time, Kirby didnt want to go to party, so she told the person that she was sick and we hung out at my house. And she puts up my clothes for me whenever they pile up too high in the chair. Like actually sits there and folds every piece of clothing and puts it in neat piles. And whenever we watch movies we talk through the entire thing because we literally cannot make ourselves shut up. And she gets really quiet when she bakes which still freaks me out. And in physics last year we screwed up our lab so badly that the graph made a question mark, an honest-to-god question mark. And she lets me invite myself over, and she drives me places, and she is still a member of Team Emily even when I do dumb things. And thats why Im Team Kirby.
Posted on: Sun, 16 Nov 2014 01:51:31 +0000

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