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Day One- 20th November 2013 My GDMI arrived at 10 am and brought all the items i will need for Unity. A massive sack of food, harness (in pieces), whistle, 2 x bells, lead, grooming equipment, leather soap. Oh and a small sign which says YOUR HELP WELCOMED. First we put the harness together and Debs my GDMI showed me the lead explained how it works on short and long lead and how to adjust it. Debs explained what the whistle and bell is for. The whistle is used to tell Unity when she can have her food and for calling her back on a free run, the bell is put on her collar so I can hear her on a free run and judge her distance. Next Debs showed me how to groom unity, never thought there was so much work involved but unity loved it. After lunch Debs took me and unity out in her car to a housing estate not far away and explained what she was going to do. Debs said that she is going to teach me some commands and use a short handle. She held the harness part and I held the handle, off we went and Debs explained what she wanted me to do and showed me how to stand at a curb, cross a road, approach the curb on the other side and how to turn right. To begin with I felt a bit of a tit but I soon got used to it. We walked for about 15 to 20 minutes, repeating the commands and getting my position right when walking holding the handle. We arrived back at the car and Debs got unity out of the car and put her harness on. We done exactly the same route but this time I had to tell unity what I wanted her to do using the commands. At first I was a bit unsure because I am that use to feeling my way with my long cane, but Debs was fab at supporting me and reassuring me and unity that I soon settled and relaxed and unity started to work with me and work on my commends and not rely on Debs. During the walk I could hear dog barking and unity stopped and looked to see what was going on, I told unity to walk on and she did, Debs was so pleased with us. After we had finished the walk Debs showed me how to put the harness on unity and take it off again. Debs was so pleased how the walk went and that me and unity have made good progress together, Im so happy that today went really well Hope tomorrow goes as well as today
Posted on: Thu, 20 Nov 2014 17:10:55 +0000

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