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Dear Facebook, At seven in the morning, I dont want to see a woman beating a baby, photos two children bloodied and hanging from rafters in south east Asia. You showing me a photo of Yassin Bey crying after a staged force feeding enactment with the headline not allowed in the US doesnt really freak me out. If I had his money, I probably would leave this hell hole of a country I love so much and not return. I would probably buy tickets for my loved ones to come visit me in Morocco. The governor of Florida signing a bill for drug testing of state employees and welfare recipients and then owning the firm in which the testing will be done is not surprising coming from the nation that redefined share cropping. Mr. Wesbrook can wear tight clothing and carry a purse if he wants, the money he is paid by all these people criticizing his off the basketball court attire says its ok as long as he dunks, steals, and passes the ball. On a positive note, I love that Jack McCarthy is being acknowledge, recognized, and receiving praise today. He influenced my writing. Love seeing photos of Max Parthas healthy. He influences how i live. Lea Moretti has gorgeous eyes but she takes pictures with her eyes closed. Im not complaining, just saying its so cloudy out and you got take your sunshine where you can get it. I am also happy that Jeralean Talley has become an internet sensation. Thats about it. Plenty more I could say but I told the internet yesterday that you suck, and this morning you did a 50/50 job at trying to prove me wrong. Christopher Johnson Spoken Word Artist PS, thank you, thank you for Heaven Johnsons poem Two Words. That was a pretty dope read.
Posted on: Sat, 24 May 2014 11:33:53 +0000

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