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Dear Facebook, many months ago Jared Cohen came to me with a dilemma. The head lights on his BMW got smashed and he needed some lights to be able to drive. I had the head light set, with corners that he needed. At a meet in Greer I met him, showed him the lights and he did not have any cash but rather promised a broken transmission. I agreed to this. Turns out, he gave two broken transmissions to Graham Stockley as a barter for work that Graham did for him. One of those transmissions was the same one he had promised me. I have made many many efforts to talk to Jared and ask him what his deal is, and why he has yet to come through on his end. At this point, I have made contact with the long lost Jared and he currently has no money, no trans to make his end of the deal good and refuses to pay the value of the OE, good condition BMW E36 head lights, $150. Jared has now promised to return both head lights, corners and housings to me. Im giving Jared until Friday this week, lets make sure Jared holds up his end this time. I have no problem working my way through a 2JZ powered E36 and retrieving things on my own, and I will probably have much assistance watching over while this takes place, if need be. Its a small amount of money, but a mans word is a mans word. On eBay, OE head lights range from $60-$75 a piece, the corners range from $25-30… I think $150 value is proper. Jared believes they are worth $40… mmmmkkay
Posted on: Wed, 19 Mar 2014 04:01:28 +0000

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